You need a system to manage
your farm more effectively.

If you want to reduce costs, streamline processes,
improve efficiency, and have access to accurate real-time data
then we have the software solution you are looking for.

Dashboard Reporting via Mobile App

Easily access your data real-time, any-time directly from your mobile phone. Our dashboards provide a quick overview of your business.

Reporting in Real-Time

All of our reports access data in real-time and can be filtered for detailed drilled-down data analysis.



Our system is web based and uses the latest in browser based technologies. Access UNOSOF from any browser on any operating system.

Consolidated Enterprises

UNOSOF systems can connect with each other. Manage multiple operations with UNOSOF. Consolidate your sales and inventory into one system.

UNOSOF Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
help solve business and IT challenges.

while delivering tangible business results—speed to value,
total cost of ownership, increased user adoption and greater employee productivity.


Keep your processes and technologies up-to-date with free access to our software updates.


We provide full documentation and on-going personalized training to all members of your staff.


Have a problem? We provide free Skype and phone support to all our clients and work to resolve issues immediately.


Have a specific need? Our system adapts to you! We provide customized development in order that you work exactly the way you want to.

Product Features
Discover our great features

With over 10 years of development we have an extensive feature set which is continually being updated.


Online Webshop Sales

Setup a brand and sell your product online direct from live inventory.

Box Inventory

BOX Inventory

Manage and sell from box inventories and bunchs inventories at the same time.


Dispo Builder

Make in a few minutes the daily availability of your inventory and send all clients by mail


Inventory Control with Aging

Manage product lifespans per variety. Aging control and availability based on future sales crossed with aging data.


Order Management and Invoicing

Manage orders with live inventory. Control credit terms and limits. Automated invoicing.


Order fulfillment

First in first out aging control. Barcode scanning to ensure 100% correct order fulfillment


Farm planting and planning.

Track your field plan and all changes made over time. Easily compare history data using our snapshots.


Future Production Planning

Manage projection data and accurately estimate future production.


Production Tracking

Track production and productivity. Manage and control defects from the field.


Bouqueteria Management.

Manage your bouqueteria with recipes and daily flower requirements.


Hotroom management

Manage production moving into the hotroom after harvest.

Mixed Box Management

Sell in boxes by color.

Manage mixed color boxes with ease.


Generate Export Documents

Generate truck manifests as well as all necessary exportation documents.


Manage accounts receivables.

Send statements and manage client account balances. Manage credits, debits, and deposits.


Full electronic SRI integration.

SRI integration for electronic invoicing. Generate, sign, and send your xml documents.

Miami Inventory

CIF Miami

Manage and sell from remote box inventories.


Mobile friendly access

Access your data directly from your phone.

More Product Features
Work the way you want to!

We work to adapt to the needs of your business.

Process Analysis

Customized Development

We develop with you. We can adapt UNOSOF around your specific business needs.

TLS-SSL Security


Automatically encripted your data with a Certification Authority. Redirect to the secure server even from the mobile device.

Third Party Integration

Access to web services via API

We have integrated with multiple third parties using web services. If you need to integrate with an existing system, we can help!

Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure

Cloud Based System

Unosof can run over the CLOUD this provides 24/7 system performance, automatically backups, upgrade IT enviroment over demand. Just pay for the consumption

Our working progress
Planning and Strategy, Design and Develop, Test and Deliver

From our years of experience, we know that every farm has different needs
and there are few software companies in the market willing to adapt to each unique situation.
This is how we are different. We develop with you.

Planning and Strategy

We work extensively with our clients in order to determine both short-term and long-term development goals. Your business is continually changing and it’s important to have a software application capable of changing with you.

Design and Develop

We focus on a rapid development and deployment methodology. Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry, our development times tend to be much shorter than our competition. This means you are not only receiving more but also receiving it more often.

Test and Deliver

Quality control is import to us. All patches are tested internally in a development environment before being pushed into production. Most updates can be done live and within minutes without the need for service interruption.

"Having worked in the flower industry for 18+ years, my first half was tougher than the second. In the second half UNOSOF helped to automate many aspects of our processes, resulting in more sales and explosive growth at the farms I have worked for. After 10 years UNOSOF by far still is the best software to run your flower farm operation on. I wouldn’t know what to do without them."
Andre Ruigrok
Commercial Director

"For a long time, I was looking for a flower system that follows our ways of working instead of being forced to do things according to the programmer's mind. UNOSOF was the answer since they not only provide a friendly, efficient, and reliable program but a service converting our needs into a system. Many farms, tired of systems in the market, have tried or do their own programing at a high expense in cost and time. UNOSOF are the guys to do that for us. I highly recommend them"
Jose Miguel Orska
General Manager

"UNOSOF is simply the best Flower Manage Sales System in the history. There´s been a natural adoption of the system with the perfect and personalized training. Our users immediately see the benefit to themselves, to their teams and to the company as a whole. More years to come more development to reach!!"
Rosita Altamirano
Sales Manager

"Finally, a reliable software made for the flower industry, with the advantage of being able to personalize it to the requirements of our company. Also, with the support of a great team that have always been ready to give support and generate new developments"
Santiago Crespo Malo
Administrative Manager

"Using UNOSOF brought clarity and transparency to our commercial department, figures came readily available for timely decision making, it was a real eye opener."
Esteban Chiriboga
General Manager

"Unosof helped us to improve controls and simplify processes, as a result we have achieved an optimization in several aspects in the post-harvest and in the sales team."
Sebastian Padula
Sales Director

Our Team

Marcia Potes

Training, support, accouting manager

Carlos Sanchez Zambrano

IT and consultancy Services, Support, Training


Core Developer

Cristina Gomez

Marketing - Support - Training

Gabriela Revelo

Marketing - Support - Training

Jeroen Van Vliet

General Manager - Consultancy Services

Jeremy Adams

Owner and lead developer.

We have over 25 years of software development experience as well as 10 years working specifically with agricultural farms.

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